IMG_4371 Our challenge for Italy was to “observe a gladiator doing something historically inappropriate (e.g., talking on a cell phone).”  To be honest, we had not even started thinking about this challenge yet.  After all, there are not a lot of Italian men walking around in gladiatorial costumes.

Then we got to Rome.

The area around the Colosseum and the entrance to the Forum is a bit like Hollywood Boulevard.  There were at least a dozen guys milling about dressed like Roman soldiers and gladiators posing for pictures with tourists for money. On seeing this, Kara reminded me of the challenge, and I figured that, given some time, we’d spot a gladiator doing something historically inappropriate.

It took actually took less than a minute.  Kara’s dad Mike, who has been touring Rome with us, said “Hey, look,” and pointed out a middle-aged man dressed like a gladiator, animatedly talking into his cell phone while gesturing with the plastic sword in his other hand.

Challenge complete.


3 responses to “Anachronism

  1. It looks like he’s even got some kind of cell phone holster around his waist.

    Well Done.

  2. I wish I was there. I enjoyed my brief Rome visit. Hopefully you will make it to Florence.

    I am glad that you are having a wonderful time. Miss you.

  3. It’s like seeing Thomas Jefferson in line buying groceries at Food Lion. Love it!