Cooking Nobly

When the insanity of India gets to be too much, there are plenty of activities away from all that.  Some people do yoga, study Ayurvedic massage, or take meditation classes.  We do cooking classes.  So, our class at Noble Cooking School in Udaipur turned out to be one of our favorite activities in India.  Our instructor took us through 12 different dishes — way more than we could eat at the end of class!  And we learned skills for life, like making chapattis (as Kara is doing in the photo).   Hopefully, we’ll be able to pull off some delicious curry when we get back home.


One response to “Cooking Nobly

  1. great to hear about the classes.Looks so real and practical as u urself r making chapati. plz gimmi d address and explain the way. I’m planning to go to udaipur next month.