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You Ought To Be In Pictures

There are certain parts of the world in which I will never be able to blend in as a local. India is one of those places. I am too tall. I am too fair. And, perhaps most importantly, I am blonde. These characteristics make me conspicuous on the Indian streets. And, unfortunately, being conspicuous makes me an easy mark for the touts, rickshaw wallahs, and aggressive panhandlers (who our local friends warn are likely coordinated by the mafia). Continue reading


Cooking, Zambian Style

IMG_5562While staying in Livingston, Zambia, we had the opportunity to take a cultural tour with an emphasis on Zambian markets and cookery.  The morning started out with a trip to the local food markets to buy our supplies. Continue reading

Blowing Your Mind At Victoria Falls

IMG_5960Victoria Falls well deserves its place on the list of natural wonders of the world.  Even in the dry season, you can hear the thunder of the water well before you see the falls themselves, and your first sight of falls is likely to be the huge clouds of mist that billow up when the water crashes into the river bed below.  On our first day in Victoria Falls, we checked out the falls from the Zimbabwean side.  We were suitably impressed. Continue reading

Flying High In Botswana

IMG_5079One of the things I really wanted to do in Bostwana was to take a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta.  When booking our safari, we were disappointed to learn that the affordable fly in safaris were booked solid.  However, we did find a good overland tour on which a scenic flight could be arranged if there were a sufficient number of people interested in taking one.  So, we signed up, crossed our fingers, and hoped that we would be traveling with like-minded folk. Continue reading

Cooking For Tourists And Other Guide Skills

IMG_5676On our Namibian adventure, we were guided by two great guys, Martin and Franz.  When it comes to tours, the guides make all of the difference.  A good guide can overcome equipment problems (our truck sucked) and smooth out group dynamics (fortunately unnecessary in our case – we had a great group).  A good guide keeps you safe, on schedule, and helps you make sense of all that you are seeing.  Martin and Franz were good guides. Continue reading

South Africa On The Road: Day 5

IMG_5163The weather gives, and the weather takes away.  We had been disappointed on our arrival in Cape Agulhas that the seas were expected to be too choppy to take boats out.  One of the reasons we had come to Cape Aguhlas was that our whale watching in Hermanus, South Africa had been underwhelming, and Leigh had suggested that whales could be found in Cape Aguhlas.  Continue reading

Naxos on Four Wheels

IMG_4340Naxos Island, the largest of the Cyclades islands, was the site of the island part of our Greece adventures.  Greece has an abundance of wonderful islands, which can make choosing a destination difficult.  We contemplated trying to visit a couple of different islands, but logistical difficulties – coupled with the fact that our week in Greece was bookended by big travel events – made us decide to focus our attention on one island.  Based on enthusiastic recommendations from friends, Naxos won out. Continue reading