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Down On The Farm

IMG_3502After our adventures in Cinque Terre, Damien and I spent a few wonderful days on a small farm near the village of Dozza.  One of the wonderful things about Italy is that it is very easy to move about the country by train – even from small town to small town. A few hours, and two transfers, quickly transported us from the rocky shores of the Mediterranean to the rich farmlands south of Bologna. Continue reading


Cinque Terre



On Monday, we shook off our Barcelona hangover and headed into Northern Italy.  As travel days go, it was a long one, starting at about 4:30 am.  We headed out to the airport at about 6:00 and it was already hot. Under my pack, I was dripping sweat.  I was very glad we picked this day to leave Barcelona.  But we made it through Lufthansa’s ridiculously inefficient check-in process and got to our flight to Milan. Continue reading